Month: October 2014

It’s a Zeugma (or na-na-na-na-naaaaa)

It’s a zeugma!! This is a real word and it describes something I do with my writing. Here’s the definition: The use of a word to refer to two or more words, especially in different senses. Examples: “He caught a fish and a cold” or “She lost her ring and her temper.” (courtesy of Anu Garg of A.Word.A.Day,...

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Cleansing the Soul

Whatever bad luck I’ve been having, I’ve taken care of it. We went to the Island of Salvation Botanica and Magical Pharmacy in the Healing Center and bought cures. First, I figure the spirits have been mad at me because I’ve got all kinds of Day of the Dead creatures CREATURES But what was I lacking? A Spirit Dog! Spirit Dog,...

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The Subversive Book

Last night, I found a dangerous book lurking in the boy’s bedroom. It’s easy for a book to lurk in his room. He has four shelves of books. Plus, he squirrels books away in his bunk bed. And stacks them on the floor. Except for trucks, the boy probably has more books than anything else in his room. And costumes—he lives in New Orleans...

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The Mysterious Shirt

I’m sitting here in a cast-off/picked-up shirt, and it reminded me of this story about another cast-off/picked-up shirt. This essay might have run in Strut! Magazine, I can’t remember. In any event, I’m sharing it again: The Mysterious Shirt My sister gave me this shirt. At the time, she was living in my basement. I told everyone...

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The Dog Must Pee

So I went outside today for the first time in four days. I know it’s been four days because my husband said, “Do you realize I’ve been taking this dog out every time for four days?” The only reason I went outside today is because my husband’s comment led me to conclude that if I didn’t get my butt off the futon...

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When Do Fish Sleep?

My three-year-old grandson handed me a book to read. He found the book in the drawer of the beach house this past week (later, he would ask me, “What’s a beach house?). The title of the book was “When Do Fish Sleep?” Narrating our activity, as is my want, I said, “I hope this book isn’t rhetorical—I don’t...

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The Loss of a Friend

People I care about are leaving this world. I want to honor them with the life I live. I’m not talking about being a good person or doing a lot of charity work or taking on causes or achieving anything at all. I’m talking about incorporating into my life what I loved in theirs. It is amazing how many times death has implanted motivation...

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