Month: February 2014

Let’s Hear it for the Experienced

Listening to the anti-bullying speeches given by the COOL kids—high school juniors and seniors participating in the academic after-school program for those who will be the first in their family to attend college—I wondered about our everlasting tendency to deny those with first-hand experience a voice in solving our problems. The men and women...

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Train of Thought

The train whistles in the distance. Slanting sunlight filters through the living room window—the train, which arrives and departs Memphis morning and night in the darkness, is late. Seated on the floor, I rub the dog’s belly and confide, “I love the train.” How I can love the instrument of my daddy’s death is beyond me....

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The Morning of Hearts and Crosses

I groan and complain because it’s early in the morning and as my husband says, “You’ve never been a morning person.” I’ve decided, in fact, this is not my ministry. Opportunities to give back abound; it’s my choice how to respond. I’ll go one more time and then I’ll ease out. Let someone more suited...

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The Non-Laity

We were talking last night about our inward journey—what we are doing spiritually for ourselves—and I was describing a blog I had recently started following. “He’s a priest,” I said, “but—.” I stopped and laughed. I was about to say, “But I like what he has to say.” He’s a priest, but. Sometimes if I listen to myself, i can learn a lot about...

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Love is not a Competitive Sport

He walks out the door to earn our daily bread, and somehow I’ve lost the pants he puts on every morning in the dark to walk the anxious dog. He stops to check our wine supply— it’s Valentine’s tonight— and I glance at the dry cleaning basket overflowing by the door, unkempt. He does so much for me I struggle to keep up. I know,...

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The Shark Freed from Her Cage

I am getting out of sync with time. Arriving at 9:45 for my 10:45 appointment. Waking at 5am and returning to sleep by re-entering my dreams. Sincerely believing it to be Monday when I attended church that morning but it seems SO LONG AGO. I don’t want to scare you, but I think I’m drifting away from the framework of this world,...

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Blind Justice

I HATE politics. I HATE getting riled up about current events. I HATE taking positions that appear so judgmental. Then I read an article like the one this morning on the defense strategy in the latest “Stand Your Ground” shooting in Florida. “Loud music” “SUV” “Black” “Teenager” “Thumping...

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