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She Began by Handing Out Snacks

The Door of Hope Writing Group was founded by men and women experiencing homelessness. The Retreat began when one of the group said, “Man, this is some amazing stuff going on here. Others need to know about this.”

We named the retreat the Community Retreat because we were inviting others to come write in community with us, which is what we were already doing. When members of the group had been writing for years, it seemed they should help co-lead the workshops, so we added that. One of our writers, it was the first time she’d ever spoken in public. Another, it led to him singing a solo in church – an established singer, but the first time in church. One of our leaders this year came to her first retreat to hand out snacks, just because she wanted to be part of writing group.

If you are in Memphis and you’d like to join us, we want to have you with us.

here’s to creative synthesis, ellen

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