“Just Now” written and read by Ellen Morris Prewitt

“Just Now” First appeared in print in Memphis Magazine, the winner of its 2009 Short Fiction Contest. To contribute to the American Cancer Society, please follow the link here or visit http://cancer.org Listen to the story here: … Continue reading

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A Last Moment of Intimacy

This is the last week of the rollout. Look back: the first story launched on June 26 (of this year, as my friend from writing group would clarify.) We sustained a hiatus when my daddy died, then resumed with vigor. … Continue reading

4 Simple Questions

Our mini-series, “Recording Your Fiction,” is a on-going conversation about audio as a self-publishing option. I’m a published author who recently recorded my short story collection, Cain’t Do Nothing with Love. The stories have been rolling out on-line one story … Continue reading

“Squiggles the Squirrel” written & read by Ellen Morris Prewitt

“Squiggles the Squirrel”  To contribute to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, a grassroots nonprofit working to end violence in the lives of women, please follow the link here or visit ncadv.org.  Listen to the story here: … Continue reading

Recording Your Fiction: A New Approach

Everyone’s talking about e-book or print, self-publishing or traditional. I want to talk about something different. Following the advice of my favorite fortune cookie ever—try a different way or new approach—today, I’m beginning a conversation about a different approach: audio. … Continue reading

Why Abandon the Book?

I am a child of the book. No more than five books from the children’s section of the library—what’s to be done? Not enough money to buy more than one book from the Book Mobile, thank God for Little Bear … Continue reading

You’re Loser, Baby

My fiction is for those who like Flight of the Conchords … even though the show’s no longer on TV. Or “Trailer Park Boys” … even though it’s from Canada … and no longer on TV. Or Beck’s “Loser” … … Continue reading

If You’re Coming Late to the Game

The stories are free, because so many of them have already been published in literary journals. To the extent I would be paid for them, I have been. So you get them for free. But. There’s always a but, right? … Continue reading

“Pocketbook Syndrome” written & read by Ellen Morris Prewitt

“Pocketbook Syndrome”  First appeared in print in New Madrid. To contribute to the Memphis Gay and Lesbian Community Center, a charity working to build safer places within ourselves and in our community, please follow the link here or visit mglcc.org … Continue reading