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Tag: prewitt

The God Moment

I am struggling to get at something. The thing is important, undiminished by my fuzziness as to exactly what it is. It has to do with what is important in this world. Not what we are told should be important. But, for me, what is, in fact, important. The triggering event: I was sitting in writing group listening to the writers read their work...

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We Got Plenty of Time

It’s six o’clock. The cab was supposed to be here at six o’clock. I call. “This is Ellen Prewitt? Y’all were sending a cab?” “You’re in Harbor Town, right?” “Yes’m.” “We’ve got someone coming.” I stuff the phone in my back pocket. Two seconds later the phone rings. “I’m coming to get you. You’re in Harbor Town, right? I’m on Park. I’ll be there...

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