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Tag: Lucky Critters

Why I Like Mid-South Peace and Justice

They support the MATA riders On Easter Saturday, in response to the KKK rally, they hosted MEMPHIS UNITED They have cool t-shirts Paul Garner, the MSPJ Organizing Coordinator, helped start The Bridge street paper They empower men and women who have experienced homelessness I bought my tomatoes from them one summer To contribute to Mid-South Peace...

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“Lucky Critters” written and read by Ellen Morris Prewitt

“Lucky Critters” First appeared in print in Peralta Press, the winner of its 2K2 contest. To contribute to Mid-South Peace and Justice, a charity working in the areas of collaboration and nonviolence, please follow the link here or visit  Listen to this story here:

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“That’s exactly the type of story that wins awards,” a less-than-impressed reader said

Those of you following this blog know I’ve been focusing on process: recording, sound engineering, logo design, burning CDs, saving PDFs. We are ready to switch to content: Lucky Critters: A lonely young woman reacts to the sudden death of her boyfriend by connecting with his killer.  Winner, 2K2 Award  First appeared in The Peralta Press

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