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Reading in the Rain

I don’t know where you are—based on my blog stats, there’s a good chance you might be in Brazil or New Zealand or Italy or India or Britain—but whatever part of the world you’re in, it might be raining.  That steady downpour that makes you hunt a sofa, a blanket, a warm cup of coffee or tea.  You need a nap, really, a chance to drop off to...

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You Know What They Say Dancing Will Lead To

“The trouble started earlier that summer, about a month after my mom died from cancer and left me living alone, my dad long dead. Friday night, I was at the ‘80s dance party held down on Lamar for the Memphis Museum’s Young Adult outreach program. The D.J.’s were playing the music and strobing the lights when . . .” Listen to the...

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“Baby Dog, Peewee Ned, and the Devil’s Naked Butt,” written and read by Ellen Morris Prewitt

“Baby Dog, Peewee Ned, and the Devil’s Naked Butt” First appeared in print in Hurricane Review. To contribute to the Door of Hope, a charity dedicated to ending homelessness one door at a time, please follow the link here or visit Listen to the story here: 

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