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Holy Week and the Best of Intentions

Peter’s betrayal of Jesus has always seemed so predictable to me. Jesus just told you that you would betray him! Weren’t you listening? But this Palm Sunday, I saw Peter differently.

Before, I’ve always seen Peter skulking in the courtyard, afraid of being recognized. But what if Peter were in the courtyard because he was trying to stay as close as possible to Jesus? Unsure exactly how he could help his Lord, he knew one thing: he had to stay close to do it.

Aware he’d be run off if he were exposed as a follower of Jesus, when confronted, he denied it. Adamant, he shushed those trying to expose him and ruin his plan. He was, in fact, doing exactly what he’d earlier told Jesus he would do: die with Jesus if must be. In the process, he denied his Lord.

How many of us this Holy Week will, with the best of intentions, “stick to our guns” and end up denying Jesus?

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