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Let the Glider Glide

In the last 10 days, I’ve joined a new Bible study and registered for an intense Coming to the Table workshop. I’ve gained groundbreaking revelations in the continuing attempt to make IN THE NAME OF MISSISSIPPI publishable. In two of those days, I wrote an article for the Mississippi Episcopal Diocese newsletter and a funny, poignant essay I’ve already submitted to two outlets. I started the process of volunteering at my neighborhood library. I also finished my TSA pre-check, got my flu shot, and overcame a two week delay to apply for Medicare. Plus, I resolved some pesky, YEARS-long issues with gas and electric at the beach house.

To what do I owe this unleashing of productivity and support by the Universe?

I re-upholstered my front porch glider.

the full glider

I wanted a fabric that was something but not too much. A statement but not a detraction from our Victorian converted side-by-side.

Plus, I needed a complimentary cushion for the vintage motel chairs on each side of the glider. So I chose beetles.

motel chairs beside glider

How do you think it worked out?

front porch with glider
Our tricked out front porch: new fabric, new paint, new look

Before it became my front porch glider, the glider sat on the back porch of my ancestral home until early this fall when I whisked it away to New Orleans. I don’t think my Bigmama would like the pattern I picked out. She had definite tastes, and graphics were not in the mix. I think her annoyance would stem from the fact that the new fabric is sooooo not her look, and it works. Take a peek at this photo. You think she’d approve?

Bigmama assessing the glider
Bigmama assessing the newly re-clothed glider

Doesn’t matter. The unblocking of so many areas in my life tells me the Universe is rejoicing in my choices.

“Be bold.”

“Be yourself.”

“Go for it.”

And most important of all: “Let the glider glide.”

front porch glider

front porch glider, indoor/outdoor fabric, making a vintage glider work, reupholstered glider, vintage motel chair cushions

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