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(d) Whatever

I’ve found a rhythm. While my editor in Oregon has Train Trip, I’m working on another novel. The first round, I was in Memphis and I revised Bone Trench, a Christian fantasy novel set in Memphis. Second round, I was down in New Orleans so I finished (!) Jazzy, a Katrina novel. This round—hopefully the last—I’m revising A Model for Deception, the first in a fashion model detective series.
When the editing on Train Trip is complete, I will send the manuscript back to the agent who expressed an interest (i.e., sent me a lengthy email on what needed to be done to make it publishable), thus setting in motion all this editing. Once Gretchen (my editor’s name) finally hands over Train Trip, I will send her the next novel to revise.
All things being equal, I think I’ll send her A Model for Deception. The tone and subject matter are similar to Train Trip, so it would be a logical follow-up. I will repeat the approach above: rounds interspersed with working on the other novels.
Of course, all of this could derail if (a) the agent reads the labored-over Train Trip and says, naw, it won’t do. Or (b) she has no interest in the Model for Deception. Or (c) I get hit by a bus. Or (d) whatever. We can’t plan everything but we can make a plan.
I’ve made a plan.
I feel good.

here’s to creative synthesis . . .

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