Month: June 2013

What They’re Saying

“I started with Lucky Critters and your reading reminded me for all the world of the cadence of Larry Brown reading from his works years ago, one of his first, at a Jackson literary festival. It was when Larry was getting to be noticed.” Lynn Watkins, journalist, lawyer, Mississippi reader  LISTEN: “Lucky Critters” :

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A Card Table Kind of Gal

I sat in the closet surrounded by my obscene amount of clothes. The pants and skirts and dresses and jackets weren’t covering my body. They were buffering sound. My hand-held recorder propped on the card table, I recorded my first set of short stories. The card table had done extraordinary duty before. I’d used it as the “cash register” at cross...

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Shaking Off Death

Packed up, we’re lugging our conglomeration of canvas totes down to the car. In my hand I grip a bag of insect killer. This trip to New Orleans has been full of flea bites. Red, swollen knots that itch like the devil and lump up like a goose egg. The insect killer—all natural—was purchased by the apartment manager on her own time, hunting it...

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