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Month: May 2011

What I have Learned

What happens when you facilitate a group of writers who have experienced homelessness? You learn. You learn things that you – by which I mean me – would otherwise never know. The main thing I’ve learned is that homelessness can befall any of us. Our immense creativity will not keep us out of homelessness. Our love of God, our belief in and steadfast following of God will not prevent homelessness. We can be college graduates and beloved sons and cute-as-a-button daughters, and still be ensnared by homelessness. I have learned that homelessness is no respector of good hearts and keen minds and beautiful souls. I have learned that we are all in this together. The homelessness crisis affects me because it affects you, and as Jesus said, “You are in me and I am in you.” We are all in this together.

The Fashion Model Detective Novel

First, an earring went missing. Just the one earring, not the pair, which made no sense. Yet, when the model stepped from the runway and whirled into the dressing room, laughing and delighted at the success of the show—there was the singleton earring. Gordon’s Jewelers, the store showing the earrings, was upset that an expensive piece of jewelry had disappeared, and the owner made noises about not participating in any more fashion shows. But eventually the flap died down.

Then the model went missing.

And that, to me, was much more serious.

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