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Legal Stuff

Cain’t Do Nothing with Love

My work is copyrighted. You are free to download the work. You may not redistribute the work except according to these terms and conditions. Any re-use of this work, or any portion of the work, must attribute it to being written and read by Ellen Morris Prewitt.

Only noncommercial re-use of this work is authorized (for the most part, these stories are being made available for free and I don’t want you to sell them, either). You are allowed to reuse the work or portions of it but only in its existing form; no derivatives of the work are authorized; you may not modify the work; you may not present portions of the work in a way that misrepresents the whole of the work.

I am granting no license to do anything pornographic or offensive with this work. Nothing in this statement is intended to prevent fair use of this work—I’d love to have you use quotes from the work. If, however, you engage in any of the prohibited activities, you will have violated my copyright. ‘Nuff said.

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