Month: September 2013

The Gift of the Elephant

No white folks in this story. That fact just occurred to me, so I re-read the manuscript to make sure. Nope. None. The story received a Pushcart nomination from the literary journal in which it first appeared. I’m white. Who knows what color the editor of the journal was who nominated the story. Two of my stories have received Pushcart...

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The Endearing Parts

I hate to admit failure. So what I do is re-define reality. No, I didn’t fail to place as highly in the contest as I’d hoped. What I did was to learn a major truth about my revision process. I am trying to shift my novel-writing from voice-driven, told story to scene-based, plotted story. I say “shift” but it’s more...

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“Gift of the Elephant” written & read by Ellen Morris Prewitt

“Gift of the Elephant”  First appeared in print in Eureka Literary Magazine. The story received a Pushcart Nomination, Best of the Small Presses. To contribute to Caritas Village, a charity devoted to creatively joining together people from many diverse backgrounds, please follow the link here or visit Listen to the story here:...

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The Pairing

Featured nonprofit: Common Ground Its mission: Conversations on race, communities in action How to donate: click on “Charities” above 2nd way to donate: click on “LISTEN” above 3rd way to donate: visit Thanks for supporting the cause.

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Pause and Acknowledge

“Oh, this will be fun,” I thought.  That’s the way it always starts: “You know what would be fun?” In December of last year, I had my first tutorial with Preston about podcasting. Since then I’ve recorded the stories; he engineered them. I selected a photo; he created a logo. I set up this blog; he taught me how...

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A Dying Man Walks into a Bar . . .

When I look back on my daddy’s passing from this earth, I see the deeply funny moments – like when my sister suggested we offer Daddy the comfort of his beloved Episcopal liturgy. It was a brilliant idea: we would recite the words he’d heard every Sunday of his life since approximately 1971. How soothing to hear the well-known phrases,...

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Editing on the Moon

I gave the words a last once-over, focusing on the new scenes designed to make the novel vibrate. Scrolling, I called it finished and exported the Apple Pages document to a Word document. Hitting “Send,” I sailed Train Trip: Lucinda Mae’s Quest for Love, Honor and the Chickens to the editor. The editor, who lives in the Pacific...

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