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One Wrong Step and You’ve Brought on the Last Days (an excerpt)

“One Wrong Step” is an excerpt from The Bone Trench, which my agent is currently submitting to publishers; the excerpt appeared in EAP: The Magazine, Summer 2015 Up the river bank from Mother Mary, two groups confabulated over a banner strung at … Continue reading


Held at Gunpoint

(“Held at Gunpoint” first appeared in Image; the story received a Special Mention from Pushcart Prize) A new couple—a white couple—came to the funeral service, but Preacher Butler went ahead and told it anyway.  “Morgan Cook served sixty-five years in … Continue reading


The Old Timers

(“The Old Timers” first appeared in River Teeth) On August 7, 2001, I stepped into the 50th Anniversary celebration of the discovery of oil in Williston Basin, Williston, North Dakota. I knew no one. My family had not been back … Continue reading


The Dress

(“ The Dress” first appeared in Skirt Magazine)) In the Beginning was the dress. And the dress came up from New Orleans and lived in a closet in Memphis and waited for a party. One day, the husband said, “We … Continue reading


Mother Mary Commutes to Memphis

(“Mother Mary Commutes to Memphis” first appeared in The Pinch) “Elvis Presley Enterprises shall exclusively own all now known or hereafter existing rights to the submissions of every kind throughout the universe.” EPE Legal Notice White robes squashed against blue-swirled … Continue reading


Godzilla Vs. The Code

(“Godzilla vs. The Code” first appeared in Barrelhouse) My husband has a favorite Japanese actor, and he can pronounce the man’s name. To-shi-ro Mi-fu-ne. At our house, Mr. Mifune appears in Samurai movies, mostly on Saturday afternoons. I’ll walk into … Continue reading


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